We provide any type of services related to laptops and desktops from the Apple brand. Within our main services, the following are most common.



  •          Repair of Main Boards​

  •          Keyboard replacement 

  •          Specialized in equipment with severe damage or  


  •           Damaged by wáter

  •          Screen replacement.

  •          Hard disk drive updates

  •          Cleaning and optimization of equipment

  •          Installing Windows on Mac.

  •          Sales of previously owned equipment.

We count with a microelectronics laboratory with the most advanced technology of 2020, solely available in places like US, Europe and Asia.

We are equipped with “reballing” welding machines of the brand Seamark ZM, optical and digital Amscope Microscopes. 

Digital Fluke multimeters and oscilloscopes.

We utilize thermal cameras and X-Ray technology to find out any issues on the base plate.

In addition, we count with our own specialized bench of testing and trial of main boards, which stresses out and tries every component of the board measuring its temperature and other parameters.
We utilize Factory diagrams for every model and most importantly we have highly qualified and with broad expertise personnel in the fields of nanotechnology and microelectronics, Mr. Jose Luis Herrera leads this department.

We make sure to be in communications with similar companies around the world



We have at your disposal any type of accesories for your Mac: cases, chargers, cables, and many others. We also sell previously owned Mac computers restored by our technical department: iMac, MacBook Pro… All of them with a warranty of 6 months


Our recovery tools are in constant updates to adapt to the latest versions of Apple products and systems. 


MacBook Pro’s from 2016 and 2017 include a special diagnostics port on its SSD. This way, in case of a failure on the main board we have the specialized equipment for an easy data recovery of the data on the disc.

Hours of Operations

Monday – Friday from 8 am - 6:30 pm.


Paseo Colón from Scotiabank 300 meters north and 100 mts west.

Av 5, Calle 26 San José, Costa Rica