Mac Motherboard Repair

At Laboratorio Mac we are specialists in repair of Apple motherboards, we have at our disposal a specialized workshop with high-end equipment to process repairs for micro components and microprocessors.


Motherboards may get to present failures for the reasons such as, humidity damaged components physically or electronically, short circuit pieces from which we can repair with a success rate of 95%.

Why repair your Mac Motherboard with us?

  • Our objective is to provide an integral solution in the repair of our clients’ Apple computers. We love to prolong their lifespan however possible.​

  • Some service centers can only change the damaged board for a new one, and not repair it; this implies elevated costs almost equivalent to purchasing brand new equipment.

  • We provide accesible and competitive costs.

  • We specialize in our of warranty and damaged by wáter equipment

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Warranty of 6 months

All Motherboard repairs are provided with a warranty of 6 months up to a year. 


Starting prices at $200

Laboratorio Mac provides repairs at accessible costs.



Advanced Diagnostics

Diagnose performed with high-end electronic equipment.

What are the most common failures?

Most failures found today are mostly originated at the main board given to the fact that most components are integrated. Repair is possible without the need to replace the whole board. Most common failures are:


Startup problems

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Issues with WiFi

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Soaked equipment or damaged by wáter.


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Equipment freezes or boots up.


Video failures


Problems with USB port.

Mac Video Card Repair

  • The video card is one of the components that suffers the most from intensive usage or overheating. The video card is in charge of performing editting work, video rendering, photograp editting, 3D and videogames.​

  • All Apple laptops have their video chip welded into their main board, in models of 11, 12 and 13 inches they are integrated on the Intel processor. 15” Mac we find this chip in two versions, one integrated on the processor and others with a dedicated video.

  • At Laboratorio Mac we can repair the video chip from your Mac equipment in a profesional and reliable method of repair called “reballing”, in which we switch the graphic chip or microprocessor for a brand new.

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